Instrument Think Tac Toe
Choose 4 different activities that connect diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.

Pick an instrument
card and place it in
the correct Instrument
family pile. Continue until
all cards have been
sorted into the correct
Instrument Family.

Choose one
instrument family
from the Percussion,
Woodwind, Brass, or
Strings Family and
draw and label
as many instruments
as you can.

Create a graph and
sort the instruments
into instrument
families from
the largest to
smallest. Circle
your favorites.

Choose an Instrument
family book and read
it . Write down
three facts that
you learned from
this book.

Use the popsicle
sticks and create
a design of your
favorite instrument.

Pretend to be the
shape of the instrument
while moving around
the room as you are
making the sounds
of your instrument.

Listen to the
"Instruments of the
Orchestra" CD.
Listen for the highest
pitched instruments.

Design any
instrument using
recycled items.
Be able to discuss
how you created it.
Play only Percussion
that are on
on the
instrument shelf.

Act out the story
of the "Carnivals
of the Animals"
book by pretending
to play each
new instrument in
the story.

Jump rope forward
each time
time you say an
instrument name
and jump rope
backwards each
time you can
say what instrument
family it
belongs to.

Find a partner.
Make a cheer about
one of the Instrument
families. Use all of
the instruments
in this family in
your cheer.

Play Instrument Go-Fish.
Research on the
computer about your
favorite instrument.
Design this instrument
using the facts learned
from your research.
Save it onto a flash drive.

Go to the Electronic
Keyboard and listen
to the sounds of the
instruments. Choose
one sound and create,
write, and perform a song
using your favorite instrument sound.

Write a song using
all four Instrument
Families and at
least three instruments per
Sing it to the class.