Pretest and assess via observation to determine the students understanding of patterns.

Think Tac Toe Pattern Activity
Make a pattern with cup of fruit loop cereal. Glue and label your pattern to paper.
Draw pattern you created with cereal in your math journal.
Partners: Take turns making pocket chart patterns for your partner to “read.”
Clap out a pattern to your partner while your partner builds the pattern using a unifix cubes.
Design a pattern on pixie.
Using pattern blocks construct a pattern snake. Illustrate your pattern using various art supplies.
Using provided pattern path cards, build a duplicate using objects of your choice.
Use stamps or dot markers to produce patterns. Students my elaborate patterns using pencils or marker details drawn onto the dots.
Pattern scavenger hunt: Students search school environment looking for patterns that occur… then listing them. Then students play I spy with a partner and describe their pattern to another student wo/ naming where the pattern is found.